139 000 Ft

Dimensions 100 × 145 cm


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Warp & Weft



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This hand-knotted rug is made in Abadeh, a city located between Isfahan and Shiraz. The abadeh pattern is very similar to the tribal rugs used in this region, which are made with cotton thread and fabric. This motive was mostly taken from the Qashqai tribes. The most common pattern is the geometric medallion on a red background, which fills almost the entire surface of the rug. Within this large pattern, several geometric motifs exist, such as statues, flowers, human figures, trees, and so on. The most typical Abadeh pattern features a large diamond-shaped medallion in the center and four smaller ones in the four corners of the rug, as shown. Its main colors are red, rust brown, blue, white, and very good quality wool is used for weaving. These types of rugs are usually small in size, they rarely make larger sizes. The abadeh is a mid-priced hand-knotted rug. The weaving quality is usually 150,000-200,000 knots / m2.


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