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Saroukh located in West Central Persia is recognized for high quality carpet production with durable lustrous wool. The majority of the design from this region depict detached floral sprays, floral bouquets and at times vases set on a beige, red, blue, or coral color background. When the word “Mohajiran” is connected to the Saroukh identity, it depicts a limited number of
sought after and valuable Antique Saroukh rugs available today. Saroukh “Mohajiran” pieces were produced around the turn of the century from 1900-1930’s. The name of “Mohajiran” distinguishes the handmade carpets produced in this area with the most intricate and elegant floral garlands utilizing only the best quality lustrous lanolin rich wools of this region which rarely can has been reproduced up to this day. Furthermore, these intricate motifs were most commonly set on a red-rose, coral red, or more rarely, a deep indigo royal-blue background. The rich deep indigo-blue in Saroukh’s is rarely found in any other carpet region in Iran. It creates a particular depth in the field of the rug giving the illusion that the floral vines, and beautifully drawn blossom are floating in an endless space.
Some “Mohajiran” Saroukhs may have strong “abrash” especially in the background colors. Abrash in colors depicts a slight to strong variation in tone and hue visible within one color. This abrash may have been intentional or unintentionally in Antique carpets as the color may have oxidized over decades or most probably that different dye lots were used. This does not reduce the value of an antique rug but rather accentuates its vintage artistic character; an interplay of the relationship between the designer, the wool dyer and the weaver. The other unique feature of the “Mohajiran” Saroukhs is that the wool was dyed with vegetable colors. These pieces were produced during the Golden period of the master workshops of Saroukh mainly produced for exporting these large ballroom carpets to the United States or Western Europe.
Today these precious beautiful rare pieces are sought after by collectors in Europe and the United States.


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