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Hand knotted rugs have been woven in Romania for more than 300 years. The majority of the designs have been influenced by the Turkish and Caucasian carpets that were imported into Romania. Most of the designs have geometric motifs and few can be found with floral curvilinear designs. During the 1950's rug production had reached its peak, employing more than 15000 weavers, many of which were part of artistic cooperatives in several cities in the country. Rugs were woven mainly by women in cooperatives, a few in homes and some in monasteries. Most of these rugs were woven for export with the design and color combination set by the importer. Most of the wool utilized for the pile is excellent quality merino wool acquired from Romanian sheep.
Wool is treated and colors are colorfast making them resistant to the effects of sunlight. Romanian hand knotted rugs are woven both in symmetrical and asymmetrical knots.
Finely woven rugs produced in Romania may also utilize Persian motifs and patterns from major workshops of Iran including rare pieces inspired from the Moghul period.
Unfortunately, most rug weaving centers have been discontinued since the breakup of the Soviet Union. Some individuals may continue to produce rugs at home; however, most are probably used by the producer themselves. It is predictable that Romanian rugs due to the production discontinuation and due to their good quality will become rare, collectible and valuable in decades to come.


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