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Ghom(Qom) This is a rug production area approximately 150 km south of Tehran. This city(Qom) is also one of the holiest cities of Iran. Production of rugs started in 1930′s by Kashan weavers. Both wool and silk rugs are produced, however Qom recently became famous for its unique silk designs produced by a host of master workshops in this city. Today Qom is the producer of the greatest number of silk rugs with the most variety of designs produced in the world. These exceptional pieces represent the highest level of craftsmanship utilizing the finest quality of wool and silk available for the pile. The designs are crisp and well executed. The designs utilize figurative designs(depicting hunting patterns), garden of paradise, tree of life, or typical central medallion sometimes reminiscent of the unique motifs of Persian tile-filled domes in mosques and old bazaars. Prices for this exclusive pieces may range according to quality, workshop name and fame, and the general beauty of design executed in the field of the rug.

The typical pieces are 800 000-1100 000 knots per square meter however there are unique pieces that are woven up to 1.500.000knots/m2. All sizes are woven from prayer mats to large hall pieces(2x3m,3x4m,and larger).


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