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Senneh rugs are produced in the town of Sanandaj which is the capital city in the province of Kurdistan. The population of this area primary consists of people of Kurdish descent. The weaving style although symmetrical is very unique compared to other carpets of Iran and hence can be easily identified from the back of the pile. Although Sennah's are finely woven, due to its unique structure, the body of a Sennah rug is much thinner than that of a bidjar. The designs that are typically and traditionally utilized on Sennah rugs are one to three central, lozenge-shaped medallions on a dark-blue field comprising of small geometrically shaped Herati motifs. Other designs that may be used are boteh patterns, or flower bouquets spread throughout the field of the carpet. Today the traditional Sennah patterns are becoming rarer as the production of handmade goods is decreasing due to the industrialization of Iran as a whole. Most Sennah rugs are produced in smaller sizes(120-140x200-230) although larger do exist. This province also produces a large amount of the finest kilims available in the region. There designs are crisp, fine and utilize strong colors (blue, red, orange, white, beige). The Kilims have similar patterns and motifs to the Sennah rugs.


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