269 000 Ft

Dimensions 155 × 295 cm


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Warp & Weft


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Bakhtiari rugs are woven in numerous villages in a large area southwest of Isfahan known as Chahar Mahal. These rugs are woven by Bakhtiari tribes as well as other Persians. The most common designs are the medallion, panel and lozenge designs. Variety of motifs and colors are employed in these rugs. Motifs such as flowers, trees, botehs, birds, palmettes and other animals exhilarate the viewer. The main colors employed are usually a variety of rust-red tones and brown and maroon.

However, blue, green, orange and white also add richness to these exotic rugs. The quality of Bakhtiari’s can range as do their prices. The finest quality ones are woven in the village of Chalshator. The wool quality of the pile of Bakhtiari’s are durable and ideal for traffic. They are often utilized under a dining table because of their strength and durability.


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