179 000 Ft

Dimensions 105 × 240 cm


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Balouchi, (Baluchi) rugs come from the Khorasan region in the eastern part of Iran. They are knotted by the nomadic/semi-nomadic peoples living in this expansive region. Typical Balouchi rugs are easy for even the non-expert to distinguish. They are almost exclusively small and have very dark coloring. Dark brown shades and dark blue with orange and red accents dominate. Many Balouchi rugs are knotted using the prayer niche pattern, the mihrab. the inner fields may comprise of a field of geometric shapes or herati patterns. Asymmetric knots are used frequently. Like the pile, the basic weave consists of pure wool and usually has two wefts after every row of knots. Distinctive kelim borders at both ends of the rug are typical of this provenance and often have very lavish designs using various flat-weave techniques. As well as the production of many knotted rugs, the provenance is also famous for its large output of flat-weaves.


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