589 000,00 Ft

Dimensions 151 × 197 cm


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Warp & Weft

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Belgique (Beljik) rugs are one of the finest quality Afghan rugs produced in Afghanistan. They are similar in design to Khal-Mohammadi rugs employing a mixture of geometric and floral designs, however, they are distinguishably different not only due to the fine and precise knot imployed and executed on Belgique rugs, which may range between 300.000-400.000 knot/m2 but rather they are one of the few rugs produced in Afghanistan that employ the finest imported New Zealand merino wool. Due to the excellent quality wool utilized in Belgique rugs, it is foreseen that they will be very durable and will continue to sustain there value in the future.

The production of Belgique rugs are generally limited in number.


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