2 890 000 Ft

Dimensions 301 × 406 cm


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Warp & Weft

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These rugs are replica’s of the late 1880‘s to 1920‘s rugs woven in sultanabad by Messrs. Ziegler and Company, a firm based in Manchester, England. These rugs where produced for the European market, which included repeated floral patterns either in an open field or with a central medallion. Today these rugs are being reproduced in Pakistan and Indian workshops with a wide variety of qualities both in material and structure. This wide variety of rugs produced under the name of “Ziegler” also vary considerably in quality and craftsmanship. Rough pieces can be found at very low prices and spectacular pieces utilizing high quality wool, even merino wool, can also be procured for similar price ranges to high-end Iranian rugs. Most reputable Rug Galleries will have the higher quality of contemporary Ziegler’s.


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