2 950 000 Ft

Dimensions 133 × 210 cm


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Ilam handmade rugs are woven by the most skilled kurdish artisans living in the province of Ilam situated approximately 760 km southwest of Tehran. The more recent Ilam handmade rugs are woven very fine and with the same intricate attention to detail as the rugs of Isfahan and consequently may have as much as 1.000.000 knots/m2. These rugs utilize the finest merino wool available in Iran with silk warp and weft and consequently are as expensive as the finer Nain(6la)'s or Isfahan master workshop rugs. However, the design of these rugs have been influence by the Gul-i-halvai designs of the finer Afshar-Bijar rugs. Ilam handmade rugs are predicted to become collectable rugs since they are produced in limited number and are rarer than other finer handmade rugs of Iran.


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