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Qashqa’i comprise of the biggest tribal group of Iran. They live in many regions in the surroundings of Abadeh, near and around Isfahan all the way to the Persian Gulf.

These people were traditionally nomads, sheep herders who moved between the highlands and lowlands of the Zagros mountains looking for adequate pastures for their livestock. Today, the way of life of these people have changed, and many have settled in villages and towns. The women usually do most of the weaving. Older Qashqa’i's rugs utilized vegetable dyes however, today most employ chemical dyes. Those that still do utilize vegetable dyes (Kashkouli, Loribaft) are woven finer and are much more expensive than the typical 100.000-150.000knot/m2 Qashqai. There are a variety of designs employed usually filled with small geometric birds, animals, human figures, floral motifs and also traditional motifs such as botehs, medallions, and stripes. The primary colors used is blue and red. Other colors such as orange, yellow, green and white are used to accentuate details in the field of the rug. Most Qashqai rugs have a rough rustic feel and truly reflect tribal creativity and design. Qashqa’i's rugs utilize both wool and goat’s hair, the warp and weft are usually mix dark and light wool which can be seen in the fringes of the rug. Qashqa’í’s also weave modern looking Gabbeh rugs. Qashqa’í’s are usually inexpensive and reasonable for the decorative appeal they have making them sought after in the market. Qashqai’s are typically woven in small sizes up to sizes of 2x3m.


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