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Kayseri, known as Caesarea under Roman rule is located in the center of present day Turkey, at the foot of Mount Erciyas and known as one of the oldest cities in the region. In Ancient times it was located providentially on the crossroads of Achaemenid Persian trade routes.
Located on these ancient trade routes has also made it a market center for rugs from the surrounding area. Although it should be noted that due to the recent steady industrialization of this region, the handmade carpet production has considerably been affected.
The designs utilized in Kayseri rugs tend to be curvilinear with floral patterns. The field may be filled with vines and tendrils, and animal figures such as birds are often incorporated. The overall design may also include an elaborate central medallion. The materials used are good quality wool, however special pieces are produced with silk pile, warp and weft. Most Kayseri carpets adopt Persian motifs found in Tabriz and Isfahan. After Hereke, Kayseri produced the greatest number of silk carpets in Turkey. However, in recent times there are very few pieces produced due to the recent accelerated development of most major cities in Turkey.
Most kayseri silk carpets use bold vibrant colours. They also employ the symmetrical knot which gives Kayseri handmade rugs a sturdy and robust feel. They are quite durable and may be used under dining tables.
Due to the limited production of Kayseri carpets it is foreseeable that fine wool silk carpets produced from this region will become collectible in the future.


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