189 000 Ft

Dimensions 170 × 245 cm


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Warp & Weft

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Kars is located in the Northwestern part of Turkey, 75 km from the Armenian border.
Historically it is a city founded by the Armenians in the 8th century, however today due to its turbulent history it boasts a much smaller Armenian population. Most handmade rug designs are strongly influenced by Caucasian rug producing centers (Kazak, Karabakh and Kuba). Designs employ one or multiple medallions in varying geometric patterns. The wool used in Kars rugs is coarse, however finer pieces may utilize finer wool and even vegetable dyes. Primary colours are utilized however, they are not as vibrant as pieces produced in the Caucasian carpet centers and often the colours are purrposely muted.
Kars weaving centers produce a variety of sizes but most production is of smaller pieces.


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