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At present these are one of the finest examples of vegetable dyed tribal rugs utilizing high-quality wool. Handmade by traditional Lori and Qashqai tribesmen in the Fars district. Each piece uniquely different from the next, designed according to the weavers feelings, symbolizing their tribal simple yet pure way of life. They represent the European saying that “Less is More!”. However it should be noted that these simple design rugs were available even during the before the 19th century however collectors took little recognition of them until approximately 20 years ago when Gabbeh rugs came into fashion all over Europe. These rugs usually employ a variety of primitive geometric designs such as animals, flowers, and geometric motifs usually in a field of a few primary vegetable colors. Sometimes there are divergent color tones in the carpet purposely utilized to give the rug a rustic painted effect. Also the use of handspun wool is used giving the rug a marbling or abrash effect. These tonal changes are also due to the use of vegetable dyes which gives it a real exotic tribal feel. The quality of wool used is excellent and the knotting is usually 200.000-300.000 knots/m2.


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