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Khal Mohammadis represent some of the best of Afghan weaving today. In actuality, Khal Mohammad is an Ersari Turkaman type of rug produced by Afghan refugees in Pakistan. Generally the Khal Mohammadi rugs are better than their previous Ersari types. There is a higher quality type which is about twice the price called Beljik. The wool is cut short and the quality of the wool is lustrous. In Beljik types both the knot count is higher and the quality of the wool is much better.

Khal Mohammadis are usually from rust brown colour to cherry red. There designs are geometric and have a consistent all-over pattern similar to there Ersari cousins. Khal Mohammadis represent good value for their price because they are generally are lower in price than the Turkamans. They are also a good wearing carpet and can be put under tables.


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