1 890 000 Ft

Dimensions 300 × 400 cm


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Warp & Weft

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Nepali rugs have expanded from a small industry in the 1970’s to becoming one of the big producers of traditional tibetan design and modern handmade rugs today. Both high-quality New Zealand and Tibetan wool are used making a thick excellent weaving rug. These rugs are woven utilizing both the asymmetrical and Tibetan knotting techniques which results in a dense heavy pile. Excellent swiss dyes are used in addition to natural dyes. Different patterns may be employed ranging from traditional tibetan designs with bright colors(medallion designs, floral patterns, and animal patterns such as cranes, snow lions or mythological creatures such as the stylized dragon or phoenix) to the more subdued Art-Deco and modern contemporary patterns depending on the trends of the European market. In general the design patterns in Nepalese and Tibetan rugs are simple and not concentrated with too many colors and motifs which make them sought after by contemporary interior designers. There may or may not include borders in the general design of the rug depending on the pattern that has been deployed.


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