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Nimbaft rugs are produced in Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan employing diverse eclectic nomadic designs. However the most unique pieces are found individually woven by the nomadic and semi-nomadic people living in the South and South-Eastern parts of Iran. Iranian Nimbaft rugs employ two types of weaving techniques which makes them unusually attractive and bold in character. Nimbaft rugs are woven partly in fine Soumak needlework and partly employing finely hand-woven Persian single knots. The finer Nimbaft rugs qualities utilize soft merino wool dyed with natural colors in the pile. The Soumak sections of the rug should be fine and sturdy in structure. Wool is also utilized for the warp and weft making the rug quite resilient to wear and tear. There are few carpet weavers living among the tribal people of the south and southeastern parts of Iran with the skill necessary to employ both these weaving techniques on the same rug. Due to the rarity of such craftsman, Iranian Nimbaft rugs are quite rare and collectable. These rug’s are usually woven in small mats however, larger pieces (2mx3m, 2.5mx3.5m) are quite infrequent and difficult to procure.


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