239 000 Ft

Dimensions 157 × 202 cm


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Warp & Weft

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Sirjan is the largest weaving center for Afshari handmade rugs. It is located south-west of the city of Kerman which has been a major carpet weaving center of Iran since the 16th century. Sirjan handmade rugs are woven by Afshari nomads and villagers who live in this area. The patterns adopted can vary from floral to more geometric which have a rustic feel and design. The variety of designs available by the sirjan weavers make it sometimes difficult to determine the origins of these handmade rugs. However, in general they are a strong structured and sturdy carpet which are able to withstand much wear and tear. Furthermore, the qualities available may vary from loosely knotted examples to very fine pieces and consequently the prices also vary accordingly.


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