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Warp & Weft

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The Tekke are one of the main Turkaman tribes. They are settled in Turkmenistan and is Afghanistan. Previously, the Tekke lived a nomadic life. Today, most of the tribes have settled and live as peace-loving farmers. However, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union some returned to the nomadic way of life. They Tekke mainly live in the now-independent Republic of Turkmenistan, where they weave carpets in the towns of Ashgabat, Mari and surrounding areas.

During the communist revolution many Tekke clans emigrated to the neighboring states of Afghanistan and Iran. These carpets are famously known as Bukhara (or Bochara). Thes designs are also copied in Pakistan but utilizing a much lower quality wool. The Turkaman Bukhara is the precursor for all current Bukhara types and is considered high in wool quality and craftsmanship. It is possible to recognize which tribe produced the carpet from the different primary patterns used, called güll, or gol. The Tekke Gul is one of the most famous motifs.


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