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Dear Customers!

We have expanded our shop to the second location:
Buda Location: 1122 Budapest Csaba utca 7/C
Pest Location: 1065 Budapest, Hájos utca 1
Bizsan Pest Business place will re-opens soon)

Bizsan Carpet Gallery opening hours:

Mon-Fri: 12:00-18:00
Sat: 10:00-14:00

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Avant-Garde Collection

This collection of exclusively handmade modern Avantgard designs have been inspired both, from classical Persian motifs recreated with modern appeal with precision and a desire for high quality craftsmanship by the master workshops in India. These handmade rugs utilize traditional technique to hand-spin the wool yarn giving a subtle color gradients in the carpet overall palette.

modernes ap­par­te­ment

Classical Collection

Bizsan Classic handmade collection includes a varity of handmade carpets from major master weaving workshops and centers from Iran, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and Nepal.

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Bizsan Nomad handmade rug collection includes rugs from prominent weaving tribal groups. There simplicity and beauty make them a attractive decorative element in any space.


Antique Carpets

Bizsan collection of handmade antique carpets range from smaller tribal pieces to finer larger master workshop hall rugs mainly utilizing vegetable dyes.


Silk Carpets

A collection of exclusively handpicked, handmade pieces produced in Iran, Kashmir and China are available at our showroom from small pieces to large family room sizes. Most pieces are classical in style however orders for modern silk carpets are available.


Carpets on Sale

A beautiful range of handmade pieces, both good quality and durable yet affordable in price. Stock range may vary according to supply!


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About Us

BIZSAN Oriental and Modern handmade Carpet Gallery

Located in the XII. and VI Districts of Budapest, BIZSAN Modern and Oriental handmade Carpet Gallery offers a wide selection of handmade rugs produced by designers and artisans from around the globe. Our handmade, hand picked carpets originate from India, Iran, China, Afghanistan and Pakistan; produced from excellent quality wool, silk bamboo silk in classical, modern, avant-garde and nomadic designs. Please feel free to visit our showrooms in Budapest;
Buda showroom is a 10 minute walk from either Széll Kálmán Tér or Déli Metro station, Pest showroom is a few minutes walk from the Hungarian state Opera building and Opera metro station.

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