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Maintaining your handmade rugs for the next generation

Taking care of your handmade rug is actually not complicated and quite simple and easy. Many may become overly concerned about the sensitivity of the rugs they have just purchased. We may forget that rugs have been produced for over 2500 years and have withstood the test of time. However if we follow a few simple guidelines our beloved handmade rug will continue to serve us and even the next generation of our family. At Bizsan we have included a few guidelines that will help you, the handmade rug appreciator, take care of your particular carpet.

Professional Cleaning

Bizsan Rug gallery provides professional cleaning of your handmade rug. Depending on the use of the rug and environmental, and climatic conditions most handmade rugs require cleaning every 10-15 years. Most silk and fine rugs need professional cleaning service and unless one understands the technique and materials utilized, it would be advisable and it is our recommendation to allow a professional handmade rug cleaner to do the cleaning. Please contact us for information concerning our professional cleaning service.

Rug restoration

There may be a time when you may need an old carpet restored or a new one that may need a small fixing.
At Bizsan we make it our business to help you fix and restore your carpet be it either worn, damaged by moth or other accidents. Either send a picture to  showing the damage or bring the carpet to our shop and we will consult with you on the best solution to your particular need.

Essentials of care for your handmade rug

Every day maintenance of your rug is quite easy since most handmade rugs are made to be durable and can take the wear and tear for many years. Vacuuming with only the suction head and brushing your rug regularly along its natural grain of the wool will avoid a build-up of dust and dirt in the base of the rug keeping its colors and texture looking beautiful and clean.

Environmental considerations

Since handmade rugs utilize natural materials such as silk, wool and cotton it may be essential to avoid storing them in damp places which will cause rot. Furthermore, placing a rug in a room which receives direct sunlight for long periods of time can cause the rug to discolor. It is recommended that during the summer intense sunny periods handmade rugs should either be placed far from direct sunlight or they should be shaded from the effects of this direct summer sunlight.

Much loved Pets!

Most pets enjoy the feeling of the soft natural wool of handmade rugs however some pets also may enjoy scratching, chewing or worst of all, a place to pee. Unfortunately, repairs to rugs from scratching or tearing are much more easily resolved than the urine of pets which can cause discoloration, rot and permanent damage that cannot easily be removed or fixed. It may be necessary to limit new pets access to rooms with handmade rugs until they are toilet trained.

Cleaning after a spill

Once a spill such as pop, wine, coffee, tea or other natural food colored drinks or oils has taken place it is necessary to immediately clean up the spill, otherwise the colors will most probably become permanent after the spill has dried.

  1. Try to clean out most of the spill with a clean sponge, cloth, or towel..
  2. Immediately put some dishwasher detergent in a bowel of water and beat it in to a lather to create some foam
  3. Place the foam on the soiled area and with a firm brush, cloth or sponge clean the spill moving the brush with the natural grain of the wool until the stain is not visible.