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The City of Kashan is approximately 300km south of Tehran. For hundred of years this town has been renowned for its handmade carpet weaving industry. The carpet quality varies according to the workshop and material quality but typically Kashans are renowned for their durability and excellent weave execution. The wool quality is also typically one of the best utilized in Iran. The most common design of Kashan rugs is a floral profusion of vines, tendrils and arabesques utilized throughout the field of the carpet. There are also tree of life designs, vase motifs, boteh motifs and and even pictorial rugs are also woven in Kashan.

The traditional colors of Kashan rugs are dark blue and red or dark and light blue with beige is typically utilized. Kashan rugs can be found in all sizes from small mats to large hall-size pieces.

The most famous Kashans are known as Motashem Kashans; which were woven in the last part of the 19th century. These rare specimens have excellent quality wool and are finely woven with beautiful vegetable dyes. They have often been put on auction at Sotheby’s and Christie’s because they are highly sought after by collectors. They often reach quite high prices due to there rarity and beauty!


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