LORIBAFT (multiple sizes)

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Loribaft are rugs woven by Lori and Qashqai tribal descent people. The word baft means weave, therefore Loribaft means Lori weave! Loribaft rugs are a progressive quality enhancement, both in weave density and pile structure to their predecessor, the Gabbeh rug. Most Gabbeh rugs were 60000-100000knots/m2 while the Loribafts which are woven by Lori and Qashqai are anywhere from 150.000-350.000knots/m2. Not only is the weave better in quality but in most cases the wool is of a finer standard. The dyes utilized in these rugs are also natural, meaning that they have been derived from local plants, either bark, husk,root,or shell used to color the hand-spun wool giving a wonderful marble and painted effect in the carpet field. This effect is probably gives these rugs their greatest appeal due to the impressionist whimsical expressiveness they exhibit. These pieces are usually found in small pieces and larger 2x3m or 2.5×3.5m are quite rare. The designs usually comprise of simple linear geometric expressionist designs rendered from the imagination and characteristic of the simple nomadic life of these pastoral groups. The designs may contain animal, plant and human figures.

Gabbeh’s have been reproduced in other countries, however it becomes immediately visible by the common person that they lack the natural and original beauty which comes from every incomparable piece produced by the original creators and the natural dyes which give these rugs their uniqueness.


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