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Dorokhsh Moud: This is a small town approximately 400km south of Mashad. These rugs also come with a herati pattern usually in an ivory background with or without a medallion. The quality of rugs produced range from good(known as Moud or Birjand) to excellent quality (known as Dorokhsh Moud or Moud produced by Sherkat Farsh). The finer Mouds utilize white or beige silk to accentuate certain details. Their designs vary from Bijars because the designers utilize stronger and brighter colors such as orange, green and rust, pink, yellow, turquoise, sometimes the finer specimens are accentuated with silk. The borders often contain a cartouche motif on a rust-terracotta or blue background. There medallions are usually floral and curvilinear rather than geometric. The medallions are either round jewel forms or quarter spandrels. These rugs provide very good value and quality for a reasonable price. Most mouds have been produced in large sizes but a few small pieces sometimes may be available.


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