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Caucasian Rugs: The Caucasus republics of Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Chechnya as well as Dagestan produced Caucasian handmade rugs as far back as the period of the Persians since they were at one time ruled under one empire. Most of the antique valuable handmade rug specimens available come from the 19th to early 20th century. The most valuable pieces are known as Kazak, Karabagh,Gendje, Talish, Mogan, Shirvan, Baku, Kuba, Dagestan, and Lesghistan. Most of these collectible pieces utilize vegetable dyes and have very beautiful contrastive vibrant color combinations. The handmade rugs known as Shirvan are wooven quite fine and have durable soft lustrous wool. They are renowned for their particular geometric shapes and designs which include many variations of prayer arch motifs in a field of geometric shapes.

Although some pieces were produced during the Soviet Union times, the color combination and designs are not comparable to the latter types. Due to the domestic unrest today in this region, most Caucasian designs are mainly produced in Pakistan in diverse designs and qualities. At Bizsan Carpet Gallery we call these unique pieces Caucasian Pak. In Pakistan there are a large variety of Caucasian design rugs produced in varying qualities with varying prices according to the wool quality, density, design.

Is the identity given to Bizsan's finest quality Caucasian inspired designs produced in Pakistan reminiscent of the fine quality Shirvan rugs produced during the end of the 19th century. The colors of these rugs are reflective of the vibrant vegetable dyes utilized by rugs produced in this region. The knot is both fine and tight and the pile cut short, creating crisp vibrant geometric designs adding a decorative appeal wherever such rugs are placed.


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