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Usak is situated approximately 160 km east of Izmir in Turkey. This was a central hub of handmade rugs for 500 years. Usaks were one of the earliest carpets to reach the European market due to their designs and bold colours. The Usak rugs produced during the 19th century are unlike earlier pieces produced during the 17th and 18th century. The 19th century production were more coarsely knotted and as a consequence were not as durable as earlier finer Usaks which are famously known as the Star and Medallion Usaks.
The designs are similar to the Ziegler rugs produced during the same period in Sultanabad(Iran). They utilized vegetable dyes in beige, red, blue, green and turquoise combinations.
Most carpets produced during this period in large sizes to fulfill the western demand.
Today the production is very small and rare pieces are produced incorporating traditional vegetable dyes in soft colours. They are usually reproductions of classic Usaks but utilize better quality wool and a finer weave quality.


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