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The Yalameh rug does not denote a place or tribe but rather a design inspired from Qashqai rugs woven during the beginning of the 19th century. These rugs are woven both by Qashqa’i tribal people and Persian villagers near Abadeh, and Aliabad. Yalameh rugs are very attractive finer “tribal rugs” woven in different sizes. The majority of Yalameh rugs have diamond shaped latch-hook medallions connected together end to end spread throughout the field of rug. Another design employed is the field is divided into squares where the diamonds are placed. The spaces in between these diamond shaped motifs is then filled with small geometric motifs similar to Qashqa’i rugs. The main color utilized most commonly in yalameh’s is a terracotta brown with warm reds and blues. Other colors such as green, yellow, orange, and white are also used to accentuate details. The wool in most Yalameh’s is a lustrous good quality wool. Most Yalameh’s are more expensive than Qashqa’i's due to there finer weave and higher quality wool and general craftsmanship. The best quality Yalameh’s are woven in Aliabad. Unfortunately in recent years the weaving of these rugs types have diminished considerably.


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