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The town of Kashmar is located in Khorasan province, in between Meshed and Birjand (Moud). Kashmar produces a unique design that are typical to Kashmar only. These designs are known by merchants as Zirkhaki(meaning ‘under the earth’) which denotes the pots, vases found in many of the archaeological sites in Iran. In many typical Kashmars these pots and vases are depicted with ancient Persian writing in them. The center of the carpet usually will depict a famous building, mosque or a window into the garden of Paradise. Birds, Persian kings, famous Iranian poets, or historical figures may be incorporated into the design. The quality of materials as well as the weave can vary according to the workshop. Most good quality Kashmars are quite durable and can be as durable as a good quality Kashan. Consequently the prices of Kashmar rugs may range from cheap to more expensive pieces depending on the overall design, wool quality, weave fineness and colors. The most sought after Kashmars are known as “Golden Kashmar” because of the beautiful brown, beige and gold colors. The majority of large pieces today are older usually 20-40 years old since Kashmar weaving has considerably decreased in recent times. The weave is usually 150.000-250.000knot/m2.


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